Saturday, September 14, 2013


I'm excited! My new children's photo book, "Some Birds..." (Pelican Publishing) has just come back from the printers and is available in a bookstore near you. I am preparing to do signings and presentations starting in early October. Please visit the Facebook page I have set up for "Some Birds...", befriend it, click the "like" button early and often, and tell your friends about it. Here's the link:

In addition to information about the book, you will find details about my author events at local bookstores. Please check it out, and come to my events. Some little one(s) you know will be glad you did.

Here is a description of the book from Amazon:

Learn about the funny lives of birds! Each species of bird is different. Some birds like to float along, others like to splash, and some like to fly up high while others fly down low. The author's amusing photographs capture the quirky characteristics of birds at work and at play in the New Orleans area. Pelicans, cormorants, ibises, among other local birds are featured in this delightful picture book. The book also includes a brief index of the birds and their habitats.
...And from the back cover:

Some birds are shy, and some birds are show-offs. Some birds make friends, some birds are copycats, and some birds even try to read. But all birds are beautifully featured in this sweet and simple book designed for children. Read along and learn about the funny lives of birds found in the New Orleans area, including pelicans, wood ducks, egrets, anhingas, and herons. This entertaining and educational introduction to the fascinating world of birds includes a brief index of the birds, their habits, and their habitats.

You can find the book in local bookstores, or order it online at the following sites:

Pelican Publishing


And please have a look at my website:

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