Monday, February 25, 2013

New Sculpture Show

"Making Waves," my new show with Viorel Hodre opened on Saturday, February 23, at the Georges Art Gallery, 300 Park Road, Metairie. Featuring 18 pieces of sculpture and three photographs, the show's opening also included a sound installation by my husband, Tom Sancton. Herewith the gallery's description of the exhibition:

"Despite their sharply differing styles, Sylvaine Sancton and Viorel Hodre share a common vision of the sculptor’s mission: to convert matter into forms that provoke an emotional response. Sancton’s work in wood and bronze stresses the curves and arcs of the natural world—ocean waves, rivulets of flowing water, the sensual contours of the female body. Hodre’s steel and wood pieces are more angular and geometric, evoking crystals, molecular structures, or phantasmagoric spacecraft. Observers are free to see whatever they like in the non-figurative work of both sculptors, but they are unlikely to remain indifferent. In that sense, “Making Waves” refers both to the recurrent form in Sancton’s sculpture and photography, and to the artists’ shared aim of shaking up certainties and conventions."

                                                      The show will be up until March 28. All are welcome.

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