Friday, March 8, 2013

Where are the Egrets?

I'm worried about the egrets. Last week, I was sure they were going to return to the island in Audubon Park as in years past. I spotted three  couples building nests and mating, so I was sure that baby egrets would be coming along in a matter of weeks. On arriving at the park last Tuesday, I was surprised by their absence from the island. Same thing on Wednesday. They seemed to have completely abandoned the site after beginning to nest and breed there. On Thursday, camera in hand, I ventured across the foot bridge and onto the golf course (which is allowed as long as the pedestrian takes full responsibility if he or she is brained by an errant golf ball). I was happy to find five egrets perched on the bare branches of trees on that side of the lagoon. But if they haven't abandoned the area, they have not yet settled into the nests that they had started to build on the island. I am still hoping to see them return en masse to that site. Stay tuned.

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